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Enhanced 40 pins PIC Start-Up Kit
Product Code : SK40C
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 82
Retail Price : RM 45.00
Internet Price :
RM 39.90(1 to 19)
RM 33.92(20 to 99)
RM 27.93(100 and above)
Weight : 0.050 kg

SK40C (enhanced version of SK40B) is a 40pin PIC microcontroller starter kit designed to offer a easy-to-start solution for PIC microcontroller user. This board comes with basic element for user to begin project development. It offers plug and use features.

This kit is designed to offer:
  • ICSP connector for UIC00B -simple and fast method to load program.
  • Perfect fit for 40 pins PIC16F and PIC18F.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 7V - 15VDC
  • 2 x programmable switch.
  • 2 x LED indicator.
  • Exchangeable Crystal.
  • Existing pad for 16 x 2 characters LCD display.
  • UART connection to interface with other controller or even computer.
  • USB on board for certain PIC18F.
  • Eliminate users difficulty in using PIC
  • Users are able to utilize the function of PIC by directly plugging in the I/O components in whatever way that is convenient to user.
  • Bootloader can still be applied in loading program.
  • This kit comes WITHOUT PIC microcontroller to provide the freedom for user to choose PIC type. 
This package comes with SK40C and 20MHz crystal Only! Please ensure you have UIC00A or UIC00B to load program.

For tutorials of using SK40C, please visit our tutorial site.

Do not try to use the onboard SK40C's 5V to power up DC motors as it may damage the regulator. 
Dimension: 8.5cm x 5.5cm

Useful Document
Right Click > Save Target As
No. File Description Action
1 PIC16F Sample Source Code  Download
2 .NET framework   Download
3 Microchip Application Libraries  Download
4 PICDEM FSUSB Demo Board User’s Guide  Download
5 SK40C HID Bootloader Firmware  Download
6 PIC18F Sample Source Code  Download
7 PIC18F_USB Sample Source Code  Download
8 Demo Video   Download
9 Installation of MPLAB and Hi-Tech C PRO   Download
10 MPLAB Open Project_16F   Download
11 Installation of C18 Compiler and Open Project   Download
12 User's Manual V1.3 March 2012  Download
13 SK40C Rev2.0 Schematic  Download
14 SK40C Fritzing  Download
15 Software required (MPLAB v8.30)   Download
16 SK40C Rev1.0 User's Manual  Download
17 Fritzing File  Download
18 Fritzing Tutorial  Download

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Post Enquiry
Product Enquiry
Siti Nurain BintiSuyong  2014-04-15 11:06:23
hi, may I know when the product stock available?It is necessary to buy the adapter and usb mini cable if I would like to buy this product?
Admin Reply :
it will ready after 1 Week. Adapter and usb mini is optional item depend on your needs.

abu ilman  2014-04-11 09:02:38
helo admin. when is the new stock of SK40c will arrive?
Admin Reply :
Hi, We have stock now.

JMT  2014-04-05 16:29:25
Whats is the best input voltage for this board? From the board it states DC 7V to 15V.
Admin Reply :
7V would be best :) There is an on board voltage regulator which will regulate the input voltage to 5V for PIC and other components. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

JMT  2014-03-27 13:49:04
Does this kit comes with the UART cable?
Admin Reply :
Hi, The kit did not come with any cable.

greenv  2014-03-03 20:13:16
Does this kit fit for PIC18F43K22?
Admin Reply :
Please check the datasheet, if it is 8-bit MCU, can be powered with 5VDC and it is 40-pin PDIP, you can use SK40C as the basic kit for it :) If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)
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