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Temperature Control System Using LM35
Product Code : PR11
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 9
Retail Price : RM 130.00
Internet Price :
RM 119.00(1 to 9)
RM 109.48(10 to 49)
RM 95.20(50 and above)
Weight : 0.180 kg

Description: PR11 is an open source microcontroller Do It Yourself kit. This PIC microcontroller based project uses PIC16F876A to read temperature feedback from LM35, display it on 16x2 LCD, further control 2 brushless fan. It illustrates the process to configure ADC on PIC to read analog voltage from temperature sensor. It can further be modified to temperature monitoring system. Cytron Technologies uploaded this project with the intention to assist hobbyist and students to pick up embedded system application and development. Do have fun while doing it!
  • LM35 as temperature sensor
  • 16x2 LCD and 2 brushless fan
  • Industrial Grade PCB with proper labeling
  • ICSP socket to ease the loading program
  • Open Source DIY kit (schematic, source code and explanation)
  • Simple, fast and reliable learning tools
* DIY project set is not fully assembled upon purchase. User need to assemble the components and solder to make it function. 
** PIC Microcontroller of DIY project is pre-loaded with respective example code starting from February 2013.

If you are using Sample Source Code (using MPLABX), you may also refer to
Tutorial MPLAB X IDE – Creating new project, build with XC8 Compiler and load to targeting device

If you are using Sample Source Code (using MPLAB 8.6 and HiTech 9.80), you may also refer to  
Tutorial MPLab v8.63 – creating new project, build with Hi-Tech Compiler V9.80 and load to targeting device

Useful Document
Right Click > Save Target As
No. File Description Action
1 Sample Source Code (c and hex)  Download
2 Details Description  Download
3 Schematic  Download
4 Installation of MPLAB and Hi-Tech C PRO  Download
5 MPLAB Open Project_16F  Download
6 Sample Source Code (using MPLABX)  Download
7 Sample Source Code (using MPLAB 8.6 and HiTech 9.80)  Download
8 Component List  Download
9 MPLAB IDE Installer (v8.6)   Download

Accessories you may need

Notes :
Output: 12V DC 1A

Post Enquiry
Product Enquiry
Greind  2014-09-24 19:57:38
Dear admin, I'm on my fyp. I've tried to follow your schematic diagram more than three times. I seem not to get any result. I follow your schematic diagram and assemble all the components on a breadboard. I just want to double check if your schematic diagram is correct 100%. I've also tried on a simulator software called proteus.. Same result, no output.
Admin Reply :
Hi, the schematic is being used to develop the actual PCB in this DIY kit. It is working :). The actual kit is being used to capture the video as shown in the product page and many have used it to learn PIC and other peripherals. BTW, we do not do simulation, we build and test with actual hardware. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

Vivian  2014-09-15 23:01:35
Hello, may I know which compiler you are using for the sample source code (c and hex) in no.1? I am trying to compile it using microc but #include cannot be located? Please help thanks
Admin Reply :
Hi, the sample source code is being compiled using MPLAB IDE or MPLAB X IDE, and the compiler is HI-TECH C. It is described in the Detailed Description. It is also highlighted under the link where you download the sample code :) If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

Jonathan  2014-09-08 21:25:20
I am confused about the schematic diagram, are both the 10 k ohms and the Fan B both connected to RB3 ? And is preset 2 not connected to the Vcc ? Thank you.
Admin Reply :
RB3 is being pulled low to GND via 10K resistor and it is used to control the transistor for fan via 1K resistor. Yes, Preset2 does not need to be connected to VCC. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

Carlos E  2014-08-16 00:21:41
What does exactly the sample program do? Does it display the temperature of the sensors on the display?
Admin Reply :
You can check the video out. It will display the temperature, but you need to adjust the on-board potentiometer to adjust the Vref. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

Sarath Krishna  2014-05-01 14:53:12
Hai, I have soldered all the components.Now if i insert the pic microcontroller will the circuit work.It is already loaded with the program right?
Admin Reply :
Hi, The PIC already Preload the sample program. Thanks.
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