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    Pre-order discount for MDDS60! 25% off for order placed before 1st Sep 2015. No promote code, just order online at Cytron's MDDS60 product page.
    * It will only be shipped on 1st Sep 2015.

    - 60A continuous current each channel
    - Supports RC input, Analog, PWM and UART.
    - Supports input voltage from 10V to 45VDC
    - Dual Channels
    - Comes with cooler fans

    * PWM from microcontrollers including PIC or Arduino(Arduino Uno, Arduino Yun, Arduino Nano, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega, Arduino Fio, Arduino Leonardo and etc)

  • Arduino Malaysia

    Upgrading to Windows 10? Will the USB driver for CT-UNO or Arduino UNO or Arduino Mega R3 or Arduino Leonardo compatible? The good news - As far as we tested, these board are supported on Windows 10. Here are the products that we have tested with four laptops with Windows 10 OS. BTW, all our windows are Genuine :)

    We will update the product page and this list from time to time after we tested more product.

    Arduino Malaysia


    Many of our product also uses FTDI chip (USB to UART converter), example SKXBee, CT-UNO, SC16A and UC00A. and from their website, Windows 10 is listed :)

    Please help us to test on the new Windows 10 too, do let us know the result in facebook, or emails, or forum.

  • With the video, Cytron would like to wish all Muslim friends Eidulfitri.

    While enjoying the video, please go to our facebook and click like at the video :) If there is more than 500 likes before 13th July, Cytron will give special promotion during this coming Hari Raya, for EVERYONE!

    This video is credited to all customers all over the world celebrating Eidulfitri.


  • We are now distributor of Adafruit from US and are carrying some of their products. 1st is the 2.8" TFT touch screen LCD for Raspberry pi.


    Raspberry Pi

    And also RGB color sensor, Light sensor and contactless IR Thermopile sensor. Do check them out as you might be looking for it.

  • Cytron's 1st Smart Dual Channel Motor Driver. After building MD10C, MDD10A, MD30C, MDS40A, MDS160A and many more motor drivers, this is the 1st smart dual channel motor driver, 10A continuous output current. Now you can place order and build your combat robot. It can be controlled with RC (Radio Control), Analog input, PWM from microcontroller (PIC or Arduino,eg Arduino Uno, Arduino Yun, Arduino Nano, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega, Arduino Fio, Arduino Leonardo and etc) and serial (UART). Check out more at the product page.


    Smart Dual Channel Motor Driver


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