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  • Tutorials for RFBee04 Feb 2015


    Two new tutorials for RFBee:

    Check it out.

  • Yeah! We are looking for Electronic Design Engineer. Come and join us designing exciting product that we sell everyday. Please send your resume to support@cytron.com.my

    - Hands-on experience in Embedded (Microcontroller) Hardware and Software design.
    - Good knowledge of basic electronics is desired.
    - Schematic and PCB development.
    - Good electronics troubleshooting skill.




    Woh! To help you get started with Cytron UNO (CT-UNO), our engineer has designed a book for you to download and currently there are 9 lessons and 3 projects. Hopefully you can have fun with it. Download it here. The book is based on component in Cytron UNO Starter Kit.

  • Is 2015 and we have more new product.



    Looking for simple to use RF module? Check the RFBee 433MHz UART Wireless Module (1KM) and 434MHz UART Wireless Module (100m). Easy to use and come in XBee form factor so you can utilize XBee Shield and SKXBee.



    Super small RFID reader with built-in antenna and wide range of operating voltage, from 2.8V to 5V. The ID-20LA is only 38mm x 40mm, have reading range of upto 18cm (manufacturer claim). Operating at 125KHz of reading frequency and it can be configured to output TTL UART, RS232 format, or Wiegand. It comes with a breakout board :) Do visit the tutorial to get started.



    This motor is famous in building combat robot, check out the AmpFlow F30-400 with Reducer (Gear), with nominal voltage of 24V, it can run at 680 RPM (no load speed) and provide peak torque of 87Nm. Super powerful! We also carry another version of F30-400 without reducer, stall current can goes up to 266 Ampere! Yes 266 A.



    If you need GPS on your Arduino, check out the new GPS shield that we designed. Comes with GPS which has built-in antenna and back up battery, it is stack and use shield for Arduino UNO and Mega. The shield also come with protoyping area and proper voltage level shifter for stable serial commnication. It also provide options to select hardware or software serial for communication.

    As usual, for more, check the new product category.

  • We have added 4 pcs of plastic spacer to every package of CIKU and CT-UNO. Better outlook and prevent the board scratching your table :) Hope you like it.