Come and join ROBOT GAMES @ Hari Belia 2015


  • Important updates after a day at the venue

    1. The car park is 15 minutes walking distance to the venue.
    2. We have moved into the biggest tent at the center(near the yellow balloon), and the game field is also located at the center of the tent.
    3. The game field area can only accommodate the players of that particular match, we urge the others to give space to the players.
    4. The floor is built with plywood on top of uneven ground, game field may experience minor shakes when people walk by, Kung Fu robot may be affected, we will try our best to control the crowd.
    5. For those who are waiting for their match, you may visit other booths, or you can for your turn at a pit area that we have prepared outside.
    6. We have drank a lot of water today due to hot weather, please be prepared.
    7. Portable toilets are available. But because of the hot weather you might not have chance to use it.

  • Dear Robot Games 2015 Participants,

    Greeting!! We have just compiled most of the important info you need to know in a PDF file (updated with proper FAQ link), please click the link below to access: Participant Handout

    The match schedule can be access and downloaded here: Robot Games 2015 Match Schedule

    If you cannot access to FAQ, please click this link: Robot Games 2015 FAQ

    Again, please come earlier for registration and technical briefing. You need be very clear on the game rules, we hope there is no argument during or after the match.

    Please do take note :
    • There are total of ~120 participating teams, junior and open category.
    • There are tables and chairs, but due to limited space (6 meters x 6 meters), it is not enough for every team. So please bear with us and be considerate , we are humans too.
    • There will be around 50 power points on the tables, you can use it for battery charging. As there are 120 teams, please bear with us and be considerate; and get ready with enough battery for your robot.
    • It might be super hot as it is open space with tents to cover us from hot sun and rain, so prepare enough of drinks to stay hydrated.

    Good luck and see you there!

    Robot Games 2015 Organizer

  • * The registration is closed! Sorry for the closing before 18th of May, if you really wanted to join, please do email [email protected], we will put you in waiting list.

    Many have been suggesting Cytron to organize a robotics competition, but somehow we did not do so due to some internal consideration. All this while, we have Sirim’s Robocon, UNIMAP’s MIROC, UNITEN’s Robogamez and lots more which provided a good platform for all of us to showcase our skills and ability in building robots. However, we were so upset when we noticed that these competitions are not scheduled in 2015 calendar (until today). 

    Robotics competition is very important for an engineering student to strengthen their skills and knowledge that they studied. It is a good opportunity to practice your hands-on skills, problem-solving skills as well as team work spirit. As most of you may know, all co-founders of Cytron are former team members of UTM Robocon team. Without Robocon, there won’t be Cytron. Not just Cytron, there is quite a number of techno-startup formed by former Robocon participants and they are doing very well now serving the local and global market! All of them started from participating in various robotics competitions. Hence, we think its time we take up the role of organising a robotics competitions to let the practice go on.

    We named this competition as Robot Games as we hope it would be like a sport games (Olympic Games, SEA Games, etc.). Rather than physical battle, in Robot Games we emphasize on ‘battle of the brain’ where the challenge, excitement and spirit are equally important. We treat Robot Games as a public asset where everyone can participate (be it students, hobbyist, makers, teachers, engineers, etc.) using any robot platform (PIC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, rero, Lego Mindstorm, Bioloid, Nao, etc.) you want. You can even host Robot Games at your own event anytime you want.

    This Robot Games will be held in Putrajaya in conjunction with our famous National Hari Belia. Since this is the first attempt, we only manage to prepare 3 games (we hope in future we can have more games) where each game has 1-2 categories. The game rules and registration links are as below. Feel free to contact us if you have any question: [email protected]

    We really hope you can join us and enjoy the games!

    Note: If you need an official invitation letter, please email us your school particulars.

    1. Kung Fu Robot- Rules & Specifications

    2. Tunnel Escape Robot - Rules & Specifications

    3. Survivor Robot - Rules & Specifications

    To participate, please fill in the form

    We have just release the video on Survivor Robot Rules:

    Video on Tunnel Escape Rules:

    Rules of Kung Fu Robot:

  • Finally, we are now carrying Raspberry Pi 2.0. With Quad core ARMv7 processor and increase of RAM to 1G, this super compact single board computer has made a big hit in tech forum and among makers! Check it out here.

  • Dear Valued Customer,

    April 2015 is just around the corner and everyone in Malaysia is talking about GST. We, Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd have registered as one of the GST registered company under GST number: 000891043840 and will be implementing GST starting 1 April 2015. All of our products are classsified under standard rate 6%. After the implemation, all prices shown will be inclusive of GST. For those who are from outside of Malaysia, you will not be charged GST and it will deducted out from the displayed price when you checkout.  

    If you have any general questions about GST, please call 1300-888-500 or visit For questions related to the GST and Cytron, you may contact us at [email protected]